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Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

The open grasslands and numerous and numerous waterholes of the Royal Suklaphanta render it an ideal setting for game viewing and jungle safari for visitors. The Royal Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Mahendranagar. The Park is a vast expanse of plain grasslands and Sal forests, while marsh vegetation is found along rivers and lakes. The park that was orginally reserved as a hunting area was later converted into a wildlife reserve to protect swamp deer. The reserve now shelters almost 2,000 swamp deer, wild boars, leopards, jackals, langurs, and rhesus monkeys. Among birds the reserve provides habitat to sarus crane, swamp francolin, grass owl, warblers, reserve can be reached by driving to Mahendranagar, from where the reserve headquarter is only eight kilometers south. Another option is to fly to Dhangadi from the capital and then drive to the park via Mahendranagar

Suklaphanta Wildlife ReserveSuklaphanta Wildlife ReserveSuklaphanta Wildlife ReserveSuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve