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Ecotourism in nepal

Ecotourism is perhaps nowhere more relevant than in Nepal.With massive mountains, rolling hills, abundant vegetation and diverse wildlife – it is little wonder that Nepal is a popular tourist destination and the ideal location for ecotourism.Ecotourism in Nepal is the main form of tourism in the country aside from the attractions of Kathmandu and other historical cities.From wildlife viewing, to wilderness camps, hiking vacations and white-water rafting, Nepal's ecotourism industry is flourishing.Nepal is also a culturally rich country with dozens of ethnic groups (mostly living in the mountains where the tourists go of trekking) having their own cultures. As the people are poor and not very conscious of the values of their culture, they are quite vulnerable to tourist cultures.In numerous places, trekking groups have left littered trails and degraded forest in their wake. Against this alarming backdrop, the practice of ecologically friendly-tourism has been gaining increased momentum – both in Nepal and around the World. Our approach to tourism seeks not only to preserve the environment and culture of a tourist destination but also to be of benefit to the local population. By fostering environmental awareness, both among locals & visitors and by linking tourism to social and economic development, it is possible to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through the promotion of sustainable tourism. This not only enhances the positive experience of those on holiday it also helps to increase the standard of living of the local residents. Such a lot has been said about environmentally friendly tourism and no doubt a lot more will be. We can proudly say without hesitation that we have led the way in responsible tours to our country.All the guides and porters working in this company have been provided training about the hazards faced by the environment.

Ecotourism in nepalEcotourism in nepalEcotourism in nepalEcotourism in nepalEcotourism in nepal