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Patan City

Patan city is one of the most beautiful and historical place to visit .Patan city has got the  glorious complex of buildings and monuments is the most vivid exhibition of seventeenth and eighteenth century Newari architecture in the Valley. The ancient name of Patan city  is also known as Lalitpur, meaning city of beauty. It is indeed patan  city  has  beauty and grace and is planned on a circular format with Buddhist stupas at each of the four points of the compass. The city is three kilometers south-east of Kathmandu across the southern bank of the river Bagmati. Like Kathmandu, its most photogenic centre of attraction is its Durbar Square complex, situated right in the middle of the market place. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, with fine bronze gateways, guardian deities also and wonderful carvings. Noted for its craftsmen and metal workers, it is also known as the city of artists. The city is believed to have been built during the reign of Vira Deva in 299 A.D.Indian influence is very strong. Enjoy it on a walking tour.This fine multi-storey temple is the oldest existing one in Patan; it is dated 1392, and noted for its exotic wood carvings.This three story temple is dedicated to the Rain God Machhindranath. It is dated 1673. The temple's four finely carved doors are guarded by Lion figures. With gleaming two- storey roofs, this rectangular Buddhist monastery is one of the best known sculptures in the Valley. Its elaborately carved wooden struts are the oldest features like that in the valley. These four stupas were built by the Indian Emperor Ashoka, when he came to the valley spreading Buddhism 2,500 years ago. Only the remains can be seen today.

Patan City Patan City